Tidbits of information to guide me in the garden.

Apple tree

Malus domestica

Common name: Apple Varieties planted: Granny Smith, semi-dwarf (tart; good baker); Zestar! Minnewashta (sweet; early ripener) Mature height: 10-18' Mature ...
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Versailles garden plan

Garden Plan 2016

What is planted where in my 2016 garden in 2016. Another work in progress... Bed 1 Cherry tomatoes Purple beefsteak tomatoes ...
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Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers

Basics Steps for a Small(ish) Prairie Garden

I have decided to turn a small, 10x30-foot section of road ditch on my property into a mini restored prairie garden ...
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Garden harvest

Garden and Planting Calendar for Southern Iowa

A work in progress...this calendar is for southern Iowa, which is mostly in Zone 5b. January: Plant Start seeds indoors ...
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Campfire ashes

How to Use Ashes Around Home and Garden

Fun time in the evening around the fire pit or barbecue often means a big pile of ashes to be ...
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Deer resting in garden

How to Deer-Proof a Garden or Orchard

Here are some simple ways to keep hungry deer away from your garden and fruit trees and shrubs. Use 3 ...
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