Robin Bertelsen , Director of Community, ChefsBest
managed Brad indirectly at American Culinary ChefsBest

“In creating a brand new food-centric website at ChefsBest, I found Brad’s unique mix of culinary expertise, project management skills, and editorial background invaluable. Brad’s keen attention to detail helped keep the complicated process of putting together a ChefsBest Award winner page together ensured that, despite frequent employee turnover, all the assets were clearly documented and trackable.

On a regular basis, Brad’s extensive culinary training was key to translating a technical industry-term into consumer-friendly language. Not being a “foodie” myself, I relied on his years in the kitchen to help develop content for the website. Brad’s experience in building his own site, www.whats4eats.com, also proved to be useful to the new ChefsBest.org.

Brad’s work helped grow site traffic over 70 percent in just one month by ensuring SEO best practices were followed and email marketing. Any web team would be lucky to have Brad on staff. And he’s a perfect fit for food-related sites.” October 8, 2009

Charles Hodgkins , Content Editor (contract), American Culinary ChefsBest
reported to Brad at American Culinary ChefsBest

“I haven’t had too many colleagues with Brad’s near-intimidating diligence, which is probably a good thing; if I had, I’d feel woefully unproductive in comparison. Brad’s the sort who pushes you to work harder without saying a word — it’s entirely by example. His technical knowledge of the Web is exceptionally broad and deep, and paired with his bottomless culinary expertise, it’s no accident that Whats4Eats has become such a success. And as managers go, he’s tough to top. He’s the kind of person you build a Web team around.” March 26, 2009

Elliott Brown , Content Manager, Chefs Best, Interactive
worked directly with Brad at American Culinary ChefsBest

“Brad is a man of many talents. From a terrific chef and culinarian to a detail-oriented project manager who always seems to find the most efficient solution, he excels at everything he’s given the opportunity to do. He is also a positive and affable presence in the workplace; his contributions as a teammate make those around him better. I give him my highest recommendation.” December 10, 2008

Jerry Gulley , Director, Content, Healthline Networks
managed Brad at American Culinary ChefsBest

“Brad combines a mastery of culinary expertise, project management and editorial planning into an enthusiastic and can-do package. I found him able to roll with the punches in an incredibly ever-changing environment and still be a top producer. He’s also an all-around great guy and would be a strong addition to any team. But just be prepared to keep up with him, he’ll devour anything you throw at him.” January 29, 2008