Adsense Program Policies Webinar – 16/09/27

Google Adsense Policies webinar

Do you need a basic overview of Adsense policies? Well, here it is straight from the horse’s mouth via an Adsense Support Team Webinar on September 27, 2016 that I’ve summarized below.

Link to Webinar:

Types of Adsense Penalties

Adsense penalties can affect you at a site level or at a full account level. Low-quality site and invalid traffic can lead to account warning, suspension or disabling:

  • site >> site warning >> 72 hours to make changes or site is disabled
  • site >> site disabling >> ads disabled on site immediately
  • account >> account warning >> make changtes to prevent account from being disabled
  • account >> account suspension >> no ads will be shown for 30 days
  • account >> account disabling >> publisher may not participate in Adsense

To Avoid Problems with Adsense as a Publisher

  1. DO NOT click on your own ads or ask others click on them
  2. Think like a user. Provide good content that’s easy to find
  3. Keep content family-safe and legal (copyright as well)
  4. Maximize content, not ads per page
  5. Avoid deceptive layouts. Clear distinction between ads and content. Not too close to images, navigation or other click-heavy content
  6. Avoid site layouts that push content below the fold
  7. Don’t duplicate content
  8. Track your traffic. Set up alerts with Google Analytics to quickly identify unusual traffic patterns
  9. Don’t modify the AdSense code

Common Adsense Policy Warning Triggers

  • Ads placed on pages that are primarily dynamic content (chats, IM, auto-refresh, etc.)
  • Sexual content
  • Deceptive layout
  • Unnatural attention (calling too much attention to the ads, e.g. arrows or “click here”)
  • Mislabeling the ads as “resources” or “helpful links.” Only headers accepted are Advertisements” or “Sponsored Links”
  • Copyrighted materials
  • Explicit text
  • Violent content
  • Ads place on thank you, exit or error pages

What to Do if You Receive an Adsense Warning Notification

Within 72 hours you should:

  1. Read the notification email, or at Adsense >> Settings >> Message Inbox >> Policy Violations
  2. Read through the policy page
  3. Fix the violation
  4. Submit an appeal

Number of Adsense Ads Allowed Per Page

A recent update in Adsense policy no longer limits the number of ads allowed per page. Just keep the focus of your site on the content, not the ads. Google monitors the ratio of content to ad space to detect poor adherence to this standard.

Resources for Keeping Up to Date with Adsense