El Paso for Mexican Food in Iowa City

El Paso Restaurant, Iowa City, IA

If you see a sign in Iowa City that says “authentic Mexican food,” chances are very good that anything but is being served inside. Most Mexican restaurants in town hew muy close to the Upper Midwestern notion that adding heaping amounts of mass-manufactured cheese to bland ingredients makes a dish haute cuisine.

Not at El Paso,  601 Hollywood Boulevard in Iowa City. La comida aquí es totalmente auténtico, amigo! At El Paso,  the tacos are terrific, the burritos unbelievable and the margaritas magnificent.

Better for pick up than dine in, El Paso is primarily a Mexican market, so after scarfing down that tasty lengua taco, stock up on the ingredients you need to make crazy good Mexican and Central American dishes at home.

El Paso, Iowa City
601 Hollywood Blvd, Iowa City, IA 52240
(319) 338-3703

Yelp Review: http://www.yelp.com/biz/el-paso-iowa-city

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